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The mission of 937 Hoop Dreams is to develop and operate programs, activities, and facilities, namely, recreational sports programs and basketball leagues and camps, aimed at increasing the health status of children and young adults, and/or benefiting underprivileged, less fortunate, and/or distressed children and young adults.  Specifically, 937 Hoop Dreams operates basketball camps and other developmental programming (e.g., basketball skills clinics) and coordinates and manages youth basketball leagues targeted at urban youths that otherwise are not able to afford participation in basketball leagues.  937 Hoop Dreams plans to continue to offer, and expand, its existing programs into the future.


937 Hoop Dreams believes that sports activities and healthy competition are important in advancing the health status and welfare of children and young adults.  Children and young adults attending and participating in the Leagues and Camps learn that physical activity can be fun.  The Leagues and Camps activities foster well-being by promoting healthy competition, physical activity, education, and healthy life habits.  In addition, 937 Hoop Dreams includes in the Leagues and Camps educational and life skills programs on topics such as physical fitness, teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, and nutrition, among others.       


Part of 937 Hoop Dreams mission is to benefit children and young adults without regard to their financial status or their ability to pay for programs and services.  As such, 937 Hoop Dreams uses its best efforts to provide the Leagues and Camps free of charge for those who cannot afford them. Thus, the Leagues and Camps further 937 Hoop Dreams exempt purposes by, among other things, benefiting underprivileged, less fortunate, and/or distressed persons. 

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