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Dear Parent,


We want to start this email by thanking you for your patience, trust, flexibility, and honesty as we navigate the uncharted waters that have come as a byproduct of COVID-19. The past several weeks have undoubtedly provided more questions then answers about virtually all aspects of our day to day lives, and the 937 Hoop Dreams basketball calendar has been no exception.


Many small businesses and non-profits are struggling financially with this situation. As a non-profit organization, 937 Hoop Dreams will sustain through these challenges.  


Based on countless conversations with our board, event operators, venue administrators, and equally as many hours learning about the trajectory of this pandemic, we have decided to disband many of our 2020 Teams. Those teams will be receiving very generous refunds.


With that said, we feel that your player's team is a staple of our program long-term and would kindly ask that you give us more time to decide if your child's team will still be able to play into May, June, and July. With most schools closed, we have hope that we can use the Bergamo Center in Beavercreek and outdoor venues to develop your player. There are also many summer leagues and tournaments that will provide your player with adequate competition in the summer months. 


So at this point, we will remain in a holding pattern in terms of the status of the remainder of the basketball season. Once we have final confirmation of the state of all tournaments and practice facilities for this season, then we will be able to provide information on how will proceed.


We will provide you another update on or before May 01, 2020.


God bless,


937 Hoop Dreams

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