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Dear Parent,


We want to start this email by thanking you for your patience, trust, flexibility, and honesty as we navigate the uncharted waters that have come as a byproduct of COVID-19. The past several weeks have undoubtedly provided more questions than answers about virtually all aspects of our day to day lives, and the 937 Hoop Dreams basketball calendar has been no exception.


Many small businesses and non-profits are struggling financially with this situation. As a non-profit organization, and with your help, 937 Hoop Dreams will sustain through these challenges. 

Based on countless conversations with our board, event operators, venue administrators, and equally as many hours learning about the trajectory of this pandemic, we have decided to suspend the Spring Season for your team. 


With all of this in mind, we will refund families who have ALREADY PAID their $495 player fees and $75 uniforms fees the following:

- A Refund of $415 Player Fees, which is almost 85% of your fees refunded. 
$80 will be kept to pay for fees that are outlined in detail below.

- Full Refund of $75 for Uniform Fees, which is 100% of your fees refunded.


With that said, 937 Hoop Dreams fees are collected and then disbursed either before or shortly after a season begins. These expenses include administration costs for day to day oversight of the program. Over 40 hours of Gym rental fees for Bergamo Center, Sinclair CC, Bethel HS, and various gyms in the Dayton Area, insurance for the practice facilities, and numerous other costs of running a non-profit basketball program.


We feel that this is a generous refund. Competing programs are keeping a MUCH higher percentage of player fees to cover their costs and/or providing no refunds.


If you HAVE ALREADY PAID your fees, then please visit the following URL to submit a refund request:


Your refund request will be validated within our database of who has already paid.


If you HAVE NOT PAID your fees, then we ask you to help us with our current debt by sending us a payment of $80 for your player.

Please make the check out to 937 Hoop Dreams & mail to the following address:


Please include the player's name & coaches' last name in the memo section.


God bless,


937 Hoop Dreams 

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